Topic-focused mini courses

The PhD course holds a number of events such as Workshops, roundtables, Lectio Magistralis or Mini courses to allow students to expand their knowledge and/or to consolidate their abilities.

Mini Courses

April 28th 2015, Room D29, 12
Visiting Professor Anne Willis
“Toxicology: the dose alone makes the poison“

April 13th 2015, Room D10, 14-17.30
Visiting Professor Christine Watson

Lesson 1  “Normal stem cell and cancer stem cells”
Lesson 2  “Tumour heterogeneity and microenvironment”

November 6th-December 5th, 12th, 19th 2014 9-13, room D29
Visiting Professor Dimitri Korioliuk “Probability and Biostatistic basic course”

May 6th 2013 14-17, room D29
1- Alessandro Terrinoni “Molecolare hybridation”
2- Eleonora Candi “MicroRNA biogenesis and their cellular functions”

April 16th 2013 room D29,13.30-17.30
Prof. Gerry Melino“How to write Scientific Papers”

April 4th 2013 room D2914-17 
1- Dott.ssa Fezza: “Sistema endocannabinoide e sistema nervoso centrale”
2- Dott.ssa Gasperi: “Sistema endocannabinoide e tessuti periferici”
Saranno affrontate anche tematiche di tipo “sperimentale” quali dosaggi di attività enzimatica e recettoriale.