In addition to the requirement for a Ph.D. dissertation based on original research and published results, students are required to succeed three exams: advanced biochemistry I, advanced biochemistry II and molecular biology.

Monthly mini-courses on specific topic will also be held by members of the PhD school Faculty.
All Ph.D. students are expected to participate actively in the department’s seminar program and journal club, and students are encouraged to attend and to present their research at national and international meetings.

The educational landscape of the PhD programs also relies on the active participation tomonthly journal club on recent published scientific data on high impact journals, and critical discussion (official language: english). On the same day of Journal Clubs, a different PhD student will present his research results and plan to show progress of his/her research, aimed at learning how to critically revise results and on how to generate new hypothesis.

By the end of each year the state-of-the art of the research proposal is presented by each student to the departmental faculty members in order to step up to the next year.