Symposium on Cancer Challanges

Symposium on cancer challanges | Published on 17 May 2024
Prof Arnold Levine (Princeton) and Prof Gerry Melino (Rome) have organisied a Symposium on Cancer Challanges at the Villa Mondragone (Frascati). The Symposium involved multiple renowned scientists from USA, UK, Germany and Italy.

This is a retreat-like conference, with selected public, aimed at fostering interactions and collaborations at the front edge of science. Therefore, there are indicative titles without tight schedules, leaving a free fluid programme with very large space for free discussion.

The main programme on the first day will include discussion on 6 topic on cancer challenges. Our idea is to allow discussants only 5 short presentation to open and launch a specific topics in a provocative, controversial manner and therefore allow a lively discussion for 40 minutes involving all participants.  The idea is to select open topics that need future interest.

The second day includes specific scientific presentations and the third day is free for informal discussions.

See the programm attached.