Prof Kiyotaka Hitomi

Biochemistry of skin | Published on 24 May 2024
Today, Prof Kiyotaka Hitomi from University of Nagoya (Japan), held the third of a seires of Biochemical Talks / 2024, organisied by our PhD school. Prof Hitomi presented the history of biochemistry of transglutaminases and his recent research on skin differentiation.

Kiyotaka Hitomi graduated from the School of Agricultural Sciences at Kyoto University in 1989 and then moved to Nagoya University where he became an Assistant and in later – an associate professor. During this period he worked in osteoblast differentiation. Since 1990s he focused his research on the study of biochemistry of transglutaminases. Since 2012 his is a full professor at Nagoya University. Prof Hitomi is currently studying the process of keratinocyte differentiation in 3D models and he is going to present his latest research on transglutaminases and skin differentiation.