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Prof Alessandra Gambacurta

Tel.: +39 06 7259 6488
Email: gambacur@uniroma2.it
Bldg F nord – Room 188
Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Department of Experimental Medicine
University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
Via Montpellier 1 – 00133 Rome | Italy
ORCID | Scopus

Short biographical sketch of Prof Alessandra Gambacurta

Alessandra Gambacurta joined the Department of Experimental Medicine, University of Rome “Tor Vergata,” originally as a Researcher in 1994, having completed her PhD in Biochemistry in 1992 (University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She is Associate Professor for the Chair of Molecular Biology in the Medical Engineering Degree, in Diploma Course in Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostic Techniques and in School of Specialization in Clinical Microbiology and Virology Research.

An overview of her interests:
– Study of the molecular and epigenetic mechanisms at the basis of cellular deprogramming of blood nucleated cells;
– Study of the mechanisms of differentiation in blood stem cells (BDSC);
– Application of blood stem cells in veterinary medicine (horses, dogs, cats) on non-induced pathologies, with particular regard to tendons, muscles and bones;
– Reprogramming of tumor cells into normal cells with particular attention to the epigenetic and molecular mechanisms involved in transdifferentiation;
– Role of energy metabolism in the reprogramming of differentiated tumor cells, identification of the molecular cascade (epigenetic and protein) responsible for the metabolic change;
– Study of “chromatin remodelling” with regard to the relationship among epigenetic modifications, regulation of gene expression and metabolic\morphological changes of tumor and stem cells;
– Identification of epigenetic markers for an early tumor diagnosis;
– Development of a lab-on-chip (microfluidic device) for detecting cancer cells in biological fluids

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