The Ph.D. program begins in the Autumn Quarter of each year. The doctoral program lasts three years. Applications will also be accepted from candidates who do not hold a degree at the time of application, as long as they graduate by October 31st. In such cases, admission will be confirmed once the degree has been awarded. Italian and foreign candidates holding a baccalaureate degree are elegible to participate in a competitive public examination for admission to Research Doctorates, without limits of age or citizenship.

The application deadline and the admission test are usually in May and June, respectively. The selection consists of an oral exam and evaluation of titles. All candidates will be evaluated and ranked on the basis of their records and on his/her oral exam score. Admission depends on the positive outcome of the examination and PhD students may be granted the scholarship or admitted to the PhD without financial support. The department is especially interested in those applicants who have research experience in biology or biochemistry.

Foreign students will be evaluated by submitting an online application usually by April of each year; pre-selection applications will be evaluated by the Coordinator or by a Committee appointed by the Coordinator of the PhD Program which will admit candidates deemed suitable. Eligible candidates whose application has passed preliminary screening will take part to regular selection or will be invited to take part in a Skype interview with the Coordinator (or his delegates) on the applicant’s desired program of study. Candidates will be contacted by the PhD coordinator (or their delegates) by email to fix the interview.