Prof. Sonia MELINO

University of Rome Tor Vergata
Department of Sciences and Chemical Technologies
5th zone, level 0, room 12
Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1 00133-Rome, Italy
tel +39 06 7259 4449

Curriculum Vitae
Recent Publications

Since 2003, Sonia Melino, PhD, is a member of the Centre for Biostatistics and Bioinformatics of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata.” She has spent 20 years in biochemistry since her Masters degree in 1992 at University of Rome “La Sapienza.” She has investigated the structural and functional characterization of proteins (GSTs, Glyoxalase II, Rhodanese, NS3pro DEN-2, Calmodulin-like proteins, Reticulon1-C and WW domains) and metalpeptides (histatin, hepcidin), as well as the identification of the “consensus motifs” for their physiological role and mechanism of action. However, her current research is focused on the study of the metabolism of Sulfane Sulfur Compounds and their effects on cells, and on the use of proteins in the fabrication of novel scaffolds for tissue regeneration. She is a referee for several scientific journals and has over 40 papers published, some of which have been international collaborations.

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