XXIV cycle (2008-2011)

XXIV cycle student’s pubblications

Student’s name and thesis title

Bellomaria Alessia:
Advances in the molecular recognition mechanism of p63 by itch-E3 ligase
Chadramouli Balasubramanian:
Structural investigation on HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein gp120 through molecular simulation technique
Coletta Andrea:
Studio di inibitori della topoisomerasi IB mediante tecniche di Chimica Teorica
Fabrini Raffaele:
Erythrocyte glutathione transferase as a potential new biomarker to evaluate the uremic toxicity in chronic kidney diseases and the hemodialysis adequacy
Viticchiè Giuditta:
Analysis of miR-203 in different biological processes: skin re-epithelialization during wound healing, and cellular invasion and migration in prostate cancer cells

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